Courses in which 3DIM is involved: 

47209 3D imaging, analysis and modelling

47336 Applications of X-ray and neutron scattering in biology, chemistry and physics

22485 Medical imaging systems

10209 X-ray and Neutron Experiments at International Research Facilities

10200 The structure and dynamics of materials studied with X-rays and neutrons

10255 Advanced 3D X-ray imaging

02946 Scientific Computing for X-Ray Computed Tomography

02506 Advanced Image Analysis – course in quantitative image analysis

02509 High performance computing for experimental 3D imaging data (10 ECTS)

02510 Deep learning for experimental 3D image analysis (5 ECTS)

15 ECTS courses in experimental 3D imaging and analysis (to be approved)

Plus a series of one day lecture + hands on work in existing courses 

Summer school with MAX IV: CINEMAX
MOOC course: Introduction to advanced tomography
+ Studies at MEK
+ Studies at Health
+ Teaching at KU