The 3D Imaging Centre, 3DIM, at DTU is a competence center for x-ray and neutron imaging - read more about us here
Foto: Mikal Schlosser
DANFIX is a local facility, that currently has 5 instruments, of which three are CT scanners for general use - find more info on danfix.dtu.dk
QIM Frontpage

QIM offers support of analysis of 3D images through workshops, analysis tools and supervision – read more here

MAX IV - Foto: Perry Nordeng

3DIM is a portal that provides access to large scale neutron and X-ray research facilities local and abroad

The 3D Imaging Centre collaborates with commercial consortiums on X-ray based technology
3DIM kitchen

Finally we can announce the date for the official inauguration of the 3D Imaging Centre at DTU: 2 September 2021 from 14-16.