DANFIX is a national X-ray infrastructure, which had kick off in June 2020. It provides fast access to advanced CT scanning on objects ranging from tens of centimeters to a few micrometers.


The Center for Quantification of Imaging Data from Max IV QIM is a regional infrastructure supported by DTU, KU and LU that develops algorithms for quantitative image analysis. QIM supports university-based, industrial and clinical users of DANFIX, DanMAX and other large scale facilities with advice, tools and training related to data analysis.  


At ESS we are part of the team that defines the two imaging and materials science instruments ODIN and BEER, both planned to be in hot commissioning in 2022. Moreover, we collaborate with the ESS Data Management and Software Center, DMSC, on data analysis tools. 


DanMAX is a Danish X-ray materials science beamline at the MAX IV synchrotron in Lund. The beamline will operate in the 15–35 keV range and have two end stations: one for full field imaging, and one for powder X-ray diffraction. The imaging instrument that we are building will support general purpose absorption, phase and diffraction contrast tomography with a resolution of at best 50 nm. The instrument will be inaugurated at the end of 2021.



At the ESRF in Grenoble we have built the world’s first multiscale X-ray microscope in collaboration with the team at ID06. This enables to zoom inside mm-sized crystalline objects and acquire 3D movies of the microstructure and local strain. Chosen as one of 4 flagship projects at ESRF, an upgrade will become a dedicated full beamline in 2022.