3D scans will uncover the secrets of gold treasure

One of the biggest collections of gold treasure in Danish history has been 3D scanned at DTU. Researchers are now trying to unfold the gold pieces digitally to uncover new knowledge about the power dynasties of the Iron Age.

Photographers and journalists from the BBC, TV 2, and DR were ready when an armoured car drove up to the front of DTU’s 3D Imaging Center on 10 February 2022. All cameras were pointed directly at a brown shoebox, which an archaeologist from the Danish National Museum carefully took out of the armoured car and carried through the revolving door to the 3D Imaging Center. 

Inside the shoebox was the world’s largest gold bracteate. The bracteate, which is a medallion-like necklace measuring 13.5cm, was found along with 15 other bracteates and four Roman medallions by two amateur archaeologist the previous year in a field near the town of Vindelev in Denmark. Weighing 794 grams combined, the gold treasure is estimated to have been buried in the 6th century, and experts have compared the discovery to that of the Golden Horns of Gallehus.

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