Finished projects

CINEMA is an acronym for the allianCe for ImagiNg of Energy MAterials and it is a five year DSF project with participants from both academia and the industry.
Complex materials play a crucial role for many important energy technologies. The performance of such materials is determined by their internal structure right down to the micro- and nano-scale. The CINEMA research alliance will develop unique 3D micro-structural characterization methods, which make it possible to investigate components under realistic conditions and in real time. 

HD-tomo - High Definition Tomography - is a five year research project funded by an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council.
HD Tomo aims at developing the enabling technology for next-generation tomographic reconstruction algorithms that can incorporate a variety of prior information, and thus achieve major improvements in the details and reliability of high-definition reconstructions - sharper images with reliable details.

EASI (Enhanced Airport Security and Information)

D-TXM - Diffraction based transmission X-ray microscopy - is a five year project funded by an ERC grant. The aim of this project is to develop a diffraction based transmission X-ray microscope for non-destructive structural characterization of polycrystalline materials such as metals, ceramics, semiconductors, dust, soil and rocks, and for R&D applications in e.g. the energy-, electronics- and environmental sectors. Uniquely, d-TXM will be able to visualize the grains inside 100 micrometer thick specimens with a spatial resolution of 10-30 nm.

The goal of the NEXIM project is to improve the detectability of unwanted materials incidentally present in food, develop new modalities for assessment of quality traits in food production, and develop a proof-of-principle of a conveyer belt solution.
The project runs from 2012 until 2016 and is founded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research.

MADE is an independent association that aims to facilitate the development of innovative world-class manufacturing solutions in Danish industry, enabling Denmark to compete globally and create employment in Denmark. DTU contributes to the research ambitions of the program within the following focus areas: r
apid product & production development, model-based production and complexity management.